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Contact Information


Alpha conex is an electronic platform introducing pharmaceutical companies to a wide variety of suppliers and agents. Via is all suppliers Information will be at your demands with one touch.

Our Vision:

Building up a strong multi-connected pharmaceutical community providing all pharma companies needs in one place through smart click on your Computer / Mob screen.

Why you choose Alpha Conex as your platform?

At Alpha Conex Site, you will have all the following access:

Suppliers contacts.

Suppliers portfolio.

Suppliers certificates.

Suppliers products/services list.

Suppliers categorization at Alpha Conex Plate form:

Lab. reagents and tools.

Lab. Ref. standards.

Lab. Stability lab. & Bio-equivalence centers.

Lab. Furniture.

Lab Chromatographic tools.

Lab instruments.

PT Providers.

Raw materials Suppliers.

Packaging materials Suppliers.

Water stations and their related Reagents.

Calibration and validation Companies providers.


Training and consultations Companies.

Production Machines / Equipment.

HVAC System Provider and calibrating Companies.

Regulatory module:

Alpha Conex provides wide collection of Important links for regulatory affairs on MOH sites are to be found on our website at your demand on EDA sites.


Alpha Conex provides the up to dated references and guidelines covering different sections in the pharmaceutical industries.


In addition, Alpha Conex platform provides job opportunities to fresh and experience personnel to be engaged with all pharmaceutical companies.


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